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Board and Train

Our Board & Train programs are ideal for those wanting to kick start training for both the show ring and obedience on puppies & young dogs, those who may not have the time at home to set wanted behaviors, as well as those who may be traveling and would like their dog to receive both an education and a cozy, home-like stay as opposed to your typical kennel boarding. *Programs start at $250 per night and determined after in person evaluation and consultation.

To learn more, please call or email Mara.



Board and Train

Our Board & Train program is only offered to those who have completed at least ONE Private Training course. This allows us to pin-point exactly what to work on and what to expect. Only one dog is scheduled at a time for Board & Train in our home. This ensures that our focus remains on that dog and its needs. Dogs in Board & Train may be working both in our home as well as in public settings like dog-friendly shops and our group classes. General boarding is not offered. 

Similar to our Private Training lessons, Board & Train is completely tailored to your dogs needs! We may focus on one or more of the following topics during their time with us, as well as any other topics you may come up with:


  • Free Stacking

  • Hard Stacking

  • Table Manners

  • Loose-Leash Gaiting



  • General Household Manners

  • Loose-Leash Walking

  • Polite Greetings

  • Proper Socialization

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