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Private training sessions allow you to cultivate the fundamental skills necessary to shape a polite and  well-mannered member of the family. 

To learn more, please call or email Mara.

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per hour

Private Training Sessions

How do you know if you need private training sessions?

Our private training sessions are ideal for those that are comfortable practicing and working with their dogs in-between sessions, want a customized program tailored specifically to their dog's needs, and prefer the convenience of having the trainer come to you in your home or desired location. 

  • Does your dog jump on people?

  • Does your dog react to other dogs or people?

  • Does your dog chew on unwanted items?

  • Does your dog have house accidents?

  • Does your dog lack social skills?

  • Does your dog counter-surf?

  • Does your dog walk politely on a loose leash?

  • Does your dog understand basic commands like sit, down and wait?

  • Does your dog rush through doorways?


If your dog struggles with these, you're not alone. Many dogs and their people need additional training to help them with these skills. With private training, you and your dog will have the opportunity to work through these issues and target any issues you may be experiencing. 

How many training sessions will this take? Results truly depend on both your dog and YOU. The more you work with your dog outside of training, the faster they will develop these skills.  

Please note our service area below. We work within a 15-mile radius of the pin below.















Not within our service area? We would still LOVE to work with you and your dog! We will travel to your location at an additional $5 per mile outside of our service area, or will be based on travel time, whichever is greater.


We welcome any students to meet us at a number of locations within our service area if they wish to!

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We recently decided to adopt a puppy. My wife and I had grown up having dogs, but our new puppy is the first dog for our boys who are currently 9 and 11 years old. Initially, my wife and I had relied upon our own experiences in training our puppy, but we quickly realized we needed help. The puppy that our boys so desperately wanted and dreamed about was becoming a nightmare, due to his nipping with his razor-sharp puppy teeth.   


From our very first visit with Mara, we started to see results in our puppy’s behavior. Mara showed us easy ways in which we can teach our puppy restraint. The training techniques from Mara are fun and easy enough for our boys and puppy to follow. Not only did we see results in our puppy’s nipping habit, but the techniques also carried over to other areas of his behavior and obedience as well.    


Working with Mara is an absolute pleasure. You can tell how much Mara cares by how she works with the dog’s owners to make schedules work and by how she sends follow-ups (supporting material and recommends videos, readings, toys, tools, etc..)  to enhance the dog training and the family learning.      I highly recommend Mara’s services.  


Even if your dog is not nipping like our little guy was, Mara can still help you and your dog no matter the age or training level.  With Mara’s training, our puppy nightmare has become a dream come true, which we know is true due to the compliments our puppy is receiving from family and friends.    

- Jordan Barletta

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