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Upon meeting Mara in 2014 with my then 12 week old Golden retriever puppy for a group conformation class, I was immediately taken with her warmth, knowledge, and passion for her work.  Her gentle and positive training was incredibly appreciated by this obsessive dog mom! To have a trainer who treasures your dog AND their success is the best gift you can give to yourself to ensure having  a well behaved pet.  Search no more for someone to help you with your training

issues, I HIGHLY

recommend Mara!

Debbie Taylor

I owe both our Championship and Grand Championship to Mara and her training program, but even more importantly, I will forever be indebted to Mara for giving me the most amazing bond I have ever had with my dog! If you go to class, pay attention, listen to Mara’s advice, and practice – it only takes 5-10 minutes a day, you may also finish with a Champion, or simply a very well trained dog if that’s what you are looking for.You will also walk away
                                                          with a very unique &
                                                                special bond with
                                                                        your dog!!

Raul Lopez

Joni Lowther

Mara has lifetime experience working with dogs in many disciplines. I drive two hours one way to take my Shetland Sheepdog to her show handling classes.  Her knowledge of canine conditioning and her qualified, positive based, and enthusiastic approach to training help me and my dog work together as a successful team in the show ring. She tapes our training sessions so that I can better address any
                                                          problem areas and to also

                                                          see  my   progress.     Her
                                                          guidance    &      expertise
                                                          are                  exceptional.

Over the years, my dogs and I have taken several conformation training classes with Mara.  She has always been professional, knowledgeable, kind to the dogs, and patient.  She understands stacking, gaiting patterns, and how to present the dog at his or her best.  She imparts a great amount of common sense in a very informative way.  It has been a pleasure to work with her and I would recommend Mara to anyone seeking knowledge in the sport of dogs.   

Carol Ann Klein

AKC Obedience, Rally, & Dachshunds  

Mara Powell

954 849 4976

Open daily from 10am-6pm



Mara has been involved in showing and training dogs since just about the time she herself learned to walk. Both Mara's parents were involved in the breeding and showing of toy and sporting dogs; her father was an AKC judge. Mara first became involved in dog shows using her parents dogs in the breed ring, but after acquiring her own English Springer Spaniel, she began competing in the juniors ring. After mentoring with several prominent professional handlers, showing dogs became her passion, as evident in her continued interest today.


One of her greatest joys comes from teaching the "art" of handling  to people who want to show their own dogs and has been holding handling classes (both group and private) for over 15 years in Broward County. Show dogs are not born perfect show dogs and there is a considerable amount of training that goes into developing a dog that is interested and willing to be shown. Whether you want to train your dog specifically for the show ring or you just want a well-mannered and stable companion animal, training should start as early as possible and be fun for both the human and dog. Mara uses only positive, reward-based methods, as she believes they result in the most desirable of outcomes.


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