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Behavioral Training

Is your dog struggling with knowing how to be polite and engage with their environment?  No matter the age of your pet, many of these challenges  are very common and easily extinguished or improved, once proper management techniques are implemented.  Once the cause of these issues are identified, we help  you learn how to manage your pet, so that both of you can have a much better experience and enjoy life together more.

To learn more, please call or email Mara.

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Behavioral Training

Are you tired of dealing with behavioral issues like these:

  • Does your dog pull on the leash?

  • Does your dog come when they call?

  • Do they panic when you leave?

  • Do they react to people and things?

  • Do they jump on people?

  • Do they constantly bark?

  • Do they have fear or anxiety?

We’re here to help you! By utilizing positive reinforcement, we instill a training and management plan that replaces these undesirable behaviors with desirable ones.

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