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Choosing to adopt or buy a puppy is a very important decision. Before making such a big choice, it is important to have a plan. Puppy consultations allow you to work with an expert in creating this plan so you are fully prepared for your new puppy.

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Pre-Puppy Consultation

Preparing for a puppy requires a lot more than just purchasing a crate and a new collar. It's a big decision with many additional choices that will you need to make throughout the dog's life. If you have questions or just want to be fully prepared for your puppy, consider a pre-puppy consultation. Whether you want to chat over the phone or meet in person, a pre-puppy consultation will cover:

  • What to Expect When You're Expecting

  • How to Safely Set Up Your House For a New Puppy

  • Preparing for Your Puppy's First Night

  • Important Supplies


We recently decided to adopt a puppy. My wife and I had grown up having dogs, but our new puppy is the first dog for our boys who are currently 9 and 11 years old. Initially, my wife and I had relied upon our own experiences in training our puppy, but we quickly realized we needed help. The puppy that our boys so desperately wanted and dreamed about was becoming a nightmare, due to his nipping with his razor-sharp puppy teeth.   


From our very first visit with Mara, we started to see results in our puppy’s behavior. Mara showed us easy ways in which we can teach our puppy restraint. The training techniques from Mara are fun and easy enough for our boys and puppy to follow. Not only did we see results in our puppy’s nipping habit, but the techniques also carried over to other areas of his behavior and obedience as well.    


Working with Mara is an absolute pleasure. You can tell how much Mara cares by how she works with the dog’s owners to make schedules work and by how she sends follow-ups (supporting material and recommends videos, readings, toys, tools, etc..)  to enhance the dog training and the family learning.      I highly recommend Mara’s services.  


Even if your dog is not nipping like our little guy was, Mara can still help you and your dog no matter the age or training level.  With Mara’s training, our puppy nightmare has become a dream come true, which we know is true due to the compliments our puppy is receiving from family and friends.    

- Jordan Barletta

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